Five papers from our research group will be presented in upcoming three international conferences:

  1. Feature Extraction for Lesion Margin Characteristic Classification from CT Scan Lungs Image” will be presented in ICITISEE 2016  (Yogyakarta, Indonesia).
  2. Real-time Traffic Classification with Twitter Data Mining“,
    Investigation of Visual Attention in Day Night Driving Simulator During Cybersickness Occurrence“, and
    Light Sport Exercise Detection Based on Smartwatch and Smartphone Using k-Nearest Neighbor and Dynamic Time Warping Algorithm” will be presented in ICITEE 2016 (Yogyakarta, Indonesia).
  3. Estimating 3D gaze in physical environment: a geometric approach on consumer-level remote eye tracker” will be presented in ICGIP 2016 (Tokyo, Japan).

More information about the conferences and the papers will be updated soon.