Alhamdulillah, a part of our research project has been officially published in SPIE Proceedings. The full paper has been submitted to “Entertainment Computing” (Elsevier) and is undergoing peer-review process. We will inform you soon after the paper is published.

*Note: if you are interested to read the paper and you have difficulty with online access, please drop me an email to: sunu{at} I will send you the manuscript version of the conference paper.


Remote eye trackers with consumer price have been used for various applications on flat computer screen. On the other hand, 3D gaze tracking in physical environment has been useful for visualizing gaze behavior, robots controller, and assistive technology. Instead of using affordable remote eye trackers, 3D gaze tracking in physical environment has been performed using corporate-level head mounted eye trackers, limiting its practical usage to niche user. In this research, we propose a novel method to estimate 3D gaze using consumer-level remote eye tracker. We implement geometric approach to obtain 3D point of gaze from binocular lines-of-sight. Experimental results show that the proposed method yielded low errors of 3.47±3.02 cm, 3.02±1.34 cm, and 2.57±1.85 cm in X , Y , and Z dimensions, respectively. The proposed approach may be used as a starting point for designing interaction method in 3D physical environment.