Following their acceptance, three journal articles will published under three different publishers. More detailed information on the DOI of the articles will be updated soon:

  1. S. Wibirama, P. I. Santosa, P. Widyarani, N. Brilianto, W. Hafidh, “Physical Discomfort and Eye Movements during Arbitrary and Optical Flow-Like Motions in Stereo 3D Contents”, Virtual Reality, 2019. (Accepted for publication, Publisher: Springer Verlag Germany, Q2 ScimagoJR, accepted for publication).
  2. S. Wibirama, I. Ardiyanto, T. Satriya, T.B. Adji, N. A. Setiawan, M. T. Setiawan, “An Improved Pupil Localization Technique for Real-Time Video-Oculography under Extreme Eyelid Occlusion”, International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control, 2019 (Accepted for publication, Q1 ScimagoJR, accepted for publication).
  3. S. Wijayanti, B. A. Muktamar, S. Wibirama, A. Bejo, “A New Native Video Filtering based on OpenGL ES for Mobile Platform”, International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, 2019. (Accepted for publication, Q2 ScimagoJR, accepted for publication).