I wrote four books. Two books are about articles compilation of how to study abroad (2007) and my own personal experience in getting fellowship to support research (2009). The other book (2007) is about my past experience as web programmer, particularly in using CakePHP framework to build a web-based application. The last book (2011) is about basic concepts commonly used in 3D computer vision.  The later correlates with my research work that I have been doing since  2008.


S. Wibirama, “Fundamental Techniques for 3D Computer Vision”, Wibirama.Com, Yogyakarta,
Indonesia, 2011. (English). Download PDF


S.Wibirama, “CakePHP Framework! Strategi Cepat Pengembangan Aplikasi Web”, Wibirama.Com,
Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2007. (Bahasa Indonesia). Download PDF


S. Wibirama, “Chicken Soup for Scholarship Applicant”, Wibirama.ComYogyakarta, Indonesia, 2007. (English). Download PDF


S. Wibirama, “Scholarship Hunter Guide”, Wibirama.ComYogyakarta, Indonesia,  2009. (Bahasa Indonesia).
Download PDF