Left to right: Emotiv EPOC EEG, The EyeTribe Tracker, GazePoint GP3 Eye Tracker


We have several devices for research purpose. Our devices are appropriate for various research area: biomedical signal processing, ergonomics, human-computer interaction, natural user interface, evaluation of website usability, robotics, and sensor-based aid for disabled people. We plan to add our devices and sensors in future. If you are interested to collaborate, please drop an email to sunu{at}ugm.ac.id.
1 The EyeTribe Tracker Remote eye tracker Eye tracking device. High frame rate camera to record spatial position of eye. Portable, can be used with notebook or Windows-based tablet.
More information: TheEyeTribe.Com
2 GP3 Eye Tracker Remote eye tracker Eye tracking device. High frame rate camera to record spatial position of eye. Expandable SDK for developer with analysis software to record user attention and measure usabilityof website / advertisement.
More information:  GazePoint GP3 Eye Tracker
3 Kinect for XBOX Depth camera with RGBD sensor Appropriate for natural user interface research and gesture-based control system. Widely used in indoor localization and robotics sensor. More information: Kinect Xbox 360 page
4 Emotiv EPOC EEG Wireless EEG High resolution brain-computer interface device. Wireless. Suitable for automatic recording of EEG data and mind-based
controller for robot or computer interface. 14 Channels and 2 references. More information : Emotiv EPOC page
5 Tobii EyeX Controller Remote eye tracker Low-cost eye tracking with industrial-level accuracy. Available for experiment prototyping as well as application development. More information: Tobii EyeX Controller
6 Oculus Rift CV 1 Virtual reality goggle Head mounted virtual reality goggle. We use the CV 1 (consumer version 1). The goggle has been used in experiment related with investigation of cybersickness. More information: Oculus Rift official
7 Sony PS3 Eye Camera High framerate web camera The PlayStation Eye is a digital camera device, similar to a webcam, for the PlayStation 3. The technology uses computer vision and gesture recognition to process images taken by the camera. This allows players to interact with games using motion and color detection as well as sound through its built-in microphone array.
8 Genius Trio Racer F1 Racing Wheel Wheel control for VR gaming Trio Racer F1 is the latest racing wheel from Genius. The multi-platform design enables it to be compatible with PC, PS3, Wii and GameCube racing games. It has 11 built-in programming buttons that offer commonly used features in racing games such as horn, emergency brake, lights, maps, and more. Specially designed two hand levers on the back of the wheel make it possible to shift gears quickly. The ergonomic foot pedal includes an accelerator and brake.
9 Polar H7 HR sensor Bluetooth heart reat sensor (wearable sensor) The sensor provides live, accurate heart rate to compatible mobile training apps through Bluetooth Smart technology. It is a waterproof heart rate sensor, compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad (3rd and 4th generation), iPad mini and iPod Nano (7th generation).
10 Nvidia Quadro 5000 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) The GPU has been used in several computer graphics research related with stereoscopic 3D rendering and gaze-based interaction in virtual environment. Quadro 5000 professional graphics solutions, built on the innovative NVIDIA Fermi architecture, deliver up to 4x faster performance than the previous generation across a broad range of design, animation and video applications.
11 Nvidia 3D Vision glasses and monitor Active shutter glasses and stereoscopic 3D monitor Nvidia 3D Vision technology delivers stereoscopic 3D images when configured with NVIDIA GPUs, NVIDIA 3D Vision active shutter glasses, and 3D Vision-Ready display/projector. We use active shutter glasses and stereoscopic 3D monitor in research projects related with stereoscopic 3D rendering and gaze-based interaction in virtual environment. More information: Nvidia 3D Vision
12 Leap motion controller Hand gestures sensor We use leap motion controller in a research project related with sign language recognition. In future, we will integrate leap motion and eye tracking to provide multimodal human-computer interface. More information: Leap Motion official
13 Kinect for Windows Depth camera with RGBD We are using this device to develop a robust 3D gaze estimation algorithm based on depth sensor data. Kinect for Windows provides more robust sensor than its Xbox version. More information: Kinect for Windows
14 Dual-camera VOG Medical eye tracker We developed a prototype of dual-camera video-oculography to investigate vertigo and involuntary eye movements. More information: Dual-camera VOG
15 VR-compatible PC Customized PC with mini casing. We customized a personal computer for our Oculus Rift. The computer is equipped with Intel Core-i3 6100 LG CPU, 8GB RAM, Jonsbou V3+ mini casing, Inno3D GTX1060 3GB GPU, by which we can use our VR goggle in various environmental settings.