Smooth Pursuit Object Selection and Calibration

We are currently developing a novel method for spontaneous object selection and spontaneous eye tracking calibration based on smooth pursuit eye movements. Our project has been highly focusing on algorithmic approach to perform eye movements classification, signal denoising, and mapping eye movements trajectory to the dynamic stimulus. The developed algorithm is currently being implemented in an interactive application for presenting academic information in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. Some related papers can be found below:

  1. Herlina , S. Wibirama, I. Ardiyanto, “Similarity Measures of Object Selection in Interactive Applications based on Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements”, in International Conference on Information and Communications Technology (ICOIACT 2018), Yogyakarta 6-8 Maret 2018, pp. 638-643.
  2. R. A. Warman, S. Wibirama, A. Bejo, “Performance Comparison of Signal Processing Filters on Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements,” in The 2nd International Conference on Information Technology, Information Systems and Electrical Engineering (ICITISEE 2017), Yogyakarta 1-3 November 2017, pp. 111-115.