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*You are strongly encouraged to check these topics in DTETI internal’s library and some of my publications before contacting me.

  1. Investigation of visually induced motion sickness on spectators and game players in stereoscopic 3D environment
  2. Defining user experience of parallax scrolling – a study of visual attention on e-commerce and story telling web
  3. Automatic vehicle plate number recognition with robust perspective correction
  4. Investigating cognitive load on academic web – an eye tracking study
  5. Robust pupil detection based on improved ellipse fitting algorithm.
  6. Real-time traffic jam monitoring with Twitter data mining.
  7. Real-time classification of sport activity using smartwatch and smartphone.
  8. Study of user experience on novice and expert users during online distance learning: comparison of visual attention and subjective judgment.
  9. Estimating 3D point of gaze in real environment with remote eye tracking.