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Please note that the selected publications below are related with computer visioneye tracking, human-computer interaction, user experience, and virtual reality research areas. For complete list of publications, see this page.

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Submitted for publications 

  1. R.A. Pramunendar, S. Wibirama, P.I. Santosa, “An Optimization Approach for Fish Species Classification Based on Underwater Image Interpolation and Back-Propagation Neural Network”, submitted to Journal of Information and Communication Technology, 2018 (Universiti Utara Malaysia Press, Q2 ScimagoJR, under review).
  2. T. Satriya, S. Wibirama,  I. Ardiyanto, N.A. Setiawan, T.B. Adji, An Improved Pupil Localization Technique for Real-Time Video-Oculography under Extreme Eyelid Occlusion”, submitted to Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal, 2018 (Elsevier B.V. Netherlands, Q1 ScimagoJR, under review).
  3. P. V. Yulianandra, S. Wibirama, , P. I. Santosa, “Observing Cognitive Load during Online Learning with Various Task Complexities: An Eye Tracking Approach”, submitted to Computers & Education, 2017. (Elsevier B.V. Netherlands, Q1 ScimagoJR, under review)
  4. S. Wibirama, P. I. Santosa, P. Widyarani, R. A. Utami, “Physical Discomfort and Eye Movements during Arbitrary and Optical Flow-Like Motions in Stereo 3D Contents”, submitted to Virtual Reality, 2017. (Springer Verlag Germany, Q3 ScimagoJR, under review)

International Journals (indexed by Scopus and/or ISI Thomson Reuters)

  1. R.A. Pramunendar, S. Wibirama, P.I. Santosa, “A Novel Approach for Underwater Image Enhancement based on Improved Dark Channel Prior with Color Correction”, in Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, Vol. 13, No. 10, 2018, pp. 3220-3237. (Publisher: Taylor University, Q3 ScimagoJR). PDF.
  2. I. Ardiyanto, S. Wibirama, F. Nurwanto, “Sliding Variance and Data Range for Lightweight Sports Activitiy Recognition with Fusion Modalities.” in Journal of King Saud University-Computer and Information Sciences, 2018. (in press). doi:
  3. W. Mahardika, S. Wibirama, R. Ferdiana, S. S. Kusumawardani, “A Novel User Experience Study of Parallax Scrolling using Eye Tracking and User Experience”, in International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, Vol. 8, No. 4, 201, pp. 1226-1233. (Publisher: Insight Society). doi:
  4. H. A. Nugroho, L. Listyalina, S. Wibirama, W. K. Z. Oktoeberza, “Automated Determination of Macula Centre Point Based on Geometrical and Pixel Value Approaches to Support Detection of Foveal Avascular Zone”, International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control, Vol. 14, No. 4, 2018, pp. 1453-1463. (Publisher: ICIC International, Q1 ScimagoJR). doi:
  5. S. Wibirama, H.A. Nugroho, K. Hamamoto, “Depth Gaze and ECG Based Frequency Dynamics during Motion Sickness in Stereoscopic 3D Movie”, Entertainment Computing, Vol. 282018, pp.117-127. (Publisher: Elsevier B.V. Netherlands, Q2 ScimagoJR). doi: Track this new article!
  6. S. Wibirama, H.A. Nugroho, K. Hamamoto, “Evaluating 3D Gaze Tracking in Virtual Space: A Computer Graphics Approach,” Entertainment Computing, Vol. 21, June 2017, pp.11-17. (Publisher: Elsevier B.V. Netherlands, Q2 ScimagoJR). doi 
  7. S.Wibirama and K. Hamamoto, “3D Gaze Tracking on Stereoscopic Display using Optimized Geometric Method”, IEEJ Transactions on Electronics, Information, and Systems, Vol. 134, No. 3, 2014, pp. 345-352. (Publisher: The Institute of Electrical Engineers Japan, Q3 ScimagoJR). doi:
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International Journals 

  1. F. M. Arif, H. A. Nugroho, S. Wibirama, “Detection of Malaria Parasites in Thick Blood Smear: A Review,” in Communications in Science and Technology, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 27-35, 2018, doi:10.21924/cst.3.1.2018.75
  2. A. Nasikun, B.Y. Wijonarko, R.B.A. Rahman, A.G. Persada, S. Wibirama, “Virtual Reality-based Platformer Games Development for Elevating Architectural Heritage Awareness”, International Journal of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering Vol.1, No. 3, 2017. doi: 10.22146/ijitee.33592
  3. B.K. Luknanto, A.I. Cahyadi, S. Wibirama, and Herianto, “Real Time Monocular Visual Odometry using ORB Features for Indoor Environment,” in The Journal of Instrumentation, Automation, and Systems, Vol. 2, No.2, pp.52-58, 2015. doi: 10.21535%2Fjias.v2i2.854



  1. Herlina, S. Wibirama, I. Ardiyanto, “Object Selection Algorithm for Spontaneous Gaze-Based Interaction”, submitted to The 11th AUN/SEED-Net Regional Conference on Computer and Information Engineering, 2018. (under review)
  2. P. E. Suryadana, S. Wibirama, I. Ardiyanto, “An Improved Iris Tracking Algorithm for Eye Identification under Visible Light”, submitted to The International Conference on Computer Engineering, Network and Intelligent Multimedia, 2018. (under review)
  3. A.B. Dharmawan, G. Scholz, S. Mariana, P. Hörmann, I. Ardiyanto, S. Wibirama, J. Hartmann, J. D. Prades, K. Hiller, A. Waag, H. S. Wasisto, “Artificial neural networks for automated cell quantification in lensless LED imaging system”, submitted in Eurosensors 2018(accepted)
  4. N.A. Setiawan, L.I. Izhar, Y.D. Nugroho, B.A. Pramudita, S. Wibirama, “EEG Motor Imagery Signal Classification Using Firefly Support Vector Machine“, submitted in International Conference on Intelligent and Advanced Systems (ICIAS2018). (accepted)
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  6. M. Setiawan, S. Wibirama, N. A. Setiawan, “Pupil Tracking Algorithm Based on Circular Hough Transform Algorithm”, submitted in 2018 4th International Conference on Science and Technology (ICST). (accepted)
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