[Last update: December 14, 2021]

Below are a list of intellectual properties rights (IPRs) of various softwares built on AI, eye tracking sensor, and virtual reality. The IPRs have been granted by Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Indonesia.

  1. 3D Eye Tracking: Eye Movements Detection System (Video-Oculography) bases on Acquisition of Dual-Camera. Registration Number: EC00201976015, 14 October 2019. See video demonstration.
  2. Gazethru: Digital Signage Interactive based on Eye Tracking. Registration Number: EC00201976002, 14 October 2019. See video demonstration.
  3. SIBAT: Smart Information System for Mitigation and Tsunami Education. Registration Number: EC00201976016, 14 October 2019.
  4. PORTAL SIBAT: Web-based Tsunami Information System. Registration Number: EC00201978486, 28 October 2019. Visit official website.
  5. Vetsured: VR-based Educational Technology for Veterinarian. Registration Number: EC00202021576, 7 July 2020.
  6. coviDisplay: Front-End System for Interactive Public Display Based on Eye Tracking. Number: EC00202045876, 3 November 2020. See more information about this research.
  7. coviDisplayPRO: Smart Public Display Based on Eye Movement Control for Education and Prevention of Covid-19. Number: EC00202111459, 16 February 2020. See video demonstration.
  8. SINOMA: Self-Early Screening System for Mouth Cancer based on Machine Learning. Number: EC00202158251, 27 October 2021. See Google Playstore Page.
  9. EyeMovClassificator: Application of Eye Movements Classification Based on Artificial Intelligence. Number: EC002022103733, 12 December 2022.